Thoughts from your Wedding Coordinators

By Mercure Resort Hunter Valley Gardens
Category: Weddings

Start a wedding folder or binder

By filing all your invoices, agreements, inspirations, checklists and notes together you can alleviate stress. It is also great to bring along when meeting with your coordinator so you have answers to questions or can write yourself a to-do list. Begin leafing through bridal, lifestyle, fashion, gardening, design, and food magazines for inspiration to get started.


Work out your budget

Excel spreadsheets are the best way to keep track of your budget. Track your per head cost, suppliers costs and total against your bank savings account. Instead of paying weekly deposits to the venue make weekly deposits into your own bank savings account and pay in lump sums when deposits are due. Hopefully this way you may make a bit of interest!


Guest lists always grow

Don’t always assume many of your guests won’t attend. People love weddings, who doesn’t like a free night of dinner, drinks and dancing? Budget for the amount of people you invite.


Save the dates

Sending save the date cards is a great way for you to ensure anyone travelling is able to book accommodation easily and see if any early bird specials are available.


Reconfirm details

The week of the wedding is the best time to reconfirm details with suppliers. This will put your mind at ease!



You will need some special helpers for the finer details, whether it is bustling your dress, making sure there is a pen with the guestbook, picking up gifts at the end of the night or making sure you eat something on your wedding day. People love to be involved and it can keep them out of your hair.


Relax & pamper

It is so easy to get swept up in packing and check lists that you may forget the importance of relaxing and taking it all in. Whether it is a cup of tea, a massage, a good night’s rest or playing your favourite music, be sure to take a moment to breathe.


Pack with a list

Write a list of everything you need to pack from DIY decorations, place cards, shoes, rings and clothes to wear the next day.


Remember the boys

Give the boys a job or activity to do for the morning of the wedding day. Something to keep them out of trouble! Aqua Golf at Hunter Valley Gardens is a great idea, and only a short walk away from the resort.


Break in your new shoes!