Hunter Valley Art


Artist Statement

Primarily, I explore time, memory and a personal experience of migration through the vehicle of abstract painting and drawing. My work translates felt experience as sensory objects through a series of woven grids and mark making that delivers a real physical presence. Influenced by my heritage I recreate the form and sensation of the Scottish cultural landscape through a personal painting and drawing methodology that is described as weaving wet and dry materials.

My works transcribe as monologues that celebrate the history and traditions of drawing and painting, past and present, and reflect the role of women’s work through the materiality of the medium. My most recent works rely on mnemonics, where intuition, chance and the language of abstraction support ideas as visual concepts through traditional painting/drawing methodologies and materials. Both subject and object shape the process of finding form. These abstract colour field paintings and tactile woven grid like drawings reference both the study and origins and conceptual premise of abstraction, which is palpably located through colour and form, spatial relationships, the subtly of texture and line and how as a composition they engage the phenomena of felt experience.