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Jo Caelli

I am an artist and designer whose work explores mark-making, materiality, design, typography and abstraction. My work is characterised by the engagement of line and gesture in forming a personal visual language for the translation of observed and conceptualised elements into abstract mark-making and composition. My professional background is in commercial design, creative pedagogy and the cultural and creative industries.  Having previously workd as an arts administrator, curator and ARI gallery director, I now maintain my design and visual arts practice while working as a Lecturer in Visual Communication and Design at the University of Newcastle. View the art...

Andy Devine

Andy Devine was born in 1967 in Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire, England. He initially studied at the Cleveland College of Art & Design in 1986-88. From there he moved to London and studied at the London College of Furniture in the East End (1988-90). During this period he worked as a draughtsperson for Laura Ashley Designs and went on to pursue a career in furniture design.

In 1999, Devine migrated to Australia and worked in the retail sector before embarking on full-time study in 2004. He gained an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art and several academic achievement awards from the Newcastle Art School, Hunter Tafe, NSW. He then gained a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours 1st Class), the Faculty Medal and University Medal at the University of Newcastle in 2008 and completed his Masters Philosophy in Fine Art in 2011.

Devine grew up in the industrial heartland of North-East of England, he has transposed the imagery, memories and emotions of his youth to the industrial environment of his adopted city of Newcastle, NSW Australia.

Devine’s emotionally charged industrial landscape artworks chart a voyage, not only of physical displacement and resettlement in a foreign land but also a voyage of self discovery and the establishment of personal identity. The artworks are full of social and political content as well as being deeply personal explorations of the nature of dislocation and belonging. The use of familiar industrial imagery, along with his use of text serve as the links between the formative past and the active present through which he has been able to explore his identity and his mark.

In recent years Devine has participated in several curated exhibitions in public and commercial galleries as well as individual and group exhibitions. Recently, Devine completed a four-week Artist in Residence at Haefligers Cottage, Hill End.

Currently Devine holds a casual lecturer position at the University of Newcastle Fine Art department and his artworks are in various collections including Newcastle Art Gallery, Maitland Regional Art Gallery and private collections in Australia and overseas. View more..

Annemarie Murland Ph.D.

Born in Glasgow, 1962, I migrated to Australia in 1990. I am an accomplished artist and educator with an exemplary academic record, receiving a University Medal for my Honours Degree submission and earned a scholarship for the duration of my Ph.D. candidature at the University of Newcastle, Australia (completed 2009).

The thesis, Migration, Memory and Landscape: Recontextualising Personal Experience through Contemporary Abstract Painting critically examined the complex interactions between the phenomena of felt experience and the visual as a vehicle for finding material form. Along with a formal written exegesis, the creative component incorporated poetry, documentary photography, video and an exhibition of drawings and paintings as an installation. This cross-disciplinary approach proved particularly effective in providing a visually literate means to explore a personal migrant experience within a contemporary global context.

As a constant theme in my art practice, culture, place and notions of displacement continue to expose the transience of identity through a contemporary visual lens. Encouraging ways to express this interface has subsequently been a core concern of my teaching and research endeavours to date. My studio practice as research seeks to define the complex nature of visual praxis and its place within traditional spheres of knowledge production, Universities, and the broader space of contemporary visual culture.View the art...

Kiera O'Toole

Kiera O’Toole studied Fine Art at the Dublin Institute of Technology graduating in 2000 and went on to complete a Masters of Philosophy in Fine Art in Newcastle University, Australia in 2013. O’Toole has exhibited widely in group and solo exhibitions in Ireland, Finland and Australia including the National Museum of Australia in 2011. O’Toole has an extensive experience in teaching Fine Art as a casual academic in Newcastle University, NSW, Australia, TAFE (Training and Further Education), ETB (formerly VEC) and art tutor in Community colleges in NSW Australia and has obtained several artists in residencies. As an early career researcher, O’Toole has maintained her professional art practice with works collected in public and private collections including the Office of Public Works, Ireland. View the art...