Hunter Valley Art - Jo Caelli


Artist Statement

Visual Contranym: Cave/Mound Series
2012 – 2013
collagraphs, monotypes and digital prints on paper with hand colouring and silver foil
33 x 46 cm (image size)
$240 each, framed

These selected works from Visual Contranym: Cave/Mound Series extend an ongoing investigation into the repeated symbolic image,and the abstract gestural mark.

Inspired by an instance of slippage between the analogue and digital, these works navigate multiple binary oppositions shared by art and design. These binaries are translated through the material experience of mark-making and printmaking as both subject matter and methodology. Thematically, the generative potential of difference and repetition is manifested in the cave/mound shapes appearing throughout the work. These symbolic forms provide a recurring visual motif – a visual contranym - in the shape of an image embodying contrasting simultaneous interpretations – the cave and the mound – an inner and outer space delineated by the repeated symbolic abstracted form